-PHYTOCERAMIDS - Skin Barrier -

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Learn all the food category that will help you to keep your skin HEALTY & GLOWING

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Phytoceramids are just one of the many SKIN FOOD INGREDIENTS that can help you PREVENT & TREAT many skin concerns .
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Try to search for fresh produces as they are filled with  
compared to processed food who have little to no nutritional value .


Brown Rice  


Brown rice is richer in fibre content compared to white rice . As per many grains ,when you are choosing UNREFINED -UNTREATED-UNPROCESSED & UNBLEACHED (yes you are reading it right ) you are ensuring yourself not only higher nutritional value but less if none absorption of chemical substances traces that the more refined grains and flours are often exposed to .


Sourcing local products will not only help the economy of those around you but will also allow you to consume fresher and richer in mineral produce .
Food that have to travel long distances of harvested before fully riper lowers in nutritional value and in some cases even treated chemically to last longer.
Remember hast what we eat and introduce in our body becomes part of us so will inevitably effect our beauty and health.
Try as much as possible to choose FRESH & NON CHEMICALLY treated foods !


-PHYTOCERAMIDS - Skin Barrier-

PHYTOCERAMIDS are ceramics found in vegetables primarily .
CERAMIDS are one of the main component of NMF the Natural Moisturizing Factor ..basically what our skin barrier is made of.
If our skin barrier is compromised then our entire body is m ore susceptible to pathogen agents and environmental factors .
Learn with me and stay UPDATED all the other SKIN FOODS that can help you PREVENT & TREAT skin concern and that will help you to keep your skin BEAUTIFUL & HELTHY



Ceramids are one of the foundation blocks of our SKIN BARRIER .
Either for ENVIRONMENTAL  factors or wrong SKINCARE PRODUCTS they cam be destructed . Discover with me where to find them and replace them .


Let me GUIDE you through all the reasons why you should at least look into buying your produces from local farmers market as much as possible


HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL skin starts in the gut...yes you heard me !
there are so many fermented food ,ingredients and drinks you can easily incorporate into your life that can help you improve your hole system leaving you with GLOWING & YOUNG LOOKING SKIN


Vanessa Fox

Remember that the skin is an ORGAN and it reflects its health state on how the skin appears ! To have a beautiful and glowing skin you have to take care of its health first !

To do so discover with me all the food category and how to combine them to have maximum result !