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Nice to meet you ..I'm Vanessa Fox !

Let me introduce you my new ebook .
This ebook is the result of my passion and all the knowledge I ve acquired during my 17 years in my practice in Lugano, Switzerland .

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The title Skin Elements comes from my approach for beauty and health too !
I 've decided to use real girls with real beauty to display ethnicities and within every group what the strong and weak points are and how can you maximise the gift that nature has giving you ...let me just teach you how !
We are made of different elements and only by knowing what those elements are and how they work together that we are able to truly discover out best kind and its optimal healthy state .
The best skin of your life is just a few steps away !


Being in the beauty field for so many years had made me realise that there are so many misconceptions about beauty ingredients , factors effecting our skin and ways to approach the skin and its health !
My goal with this book is to share my passion and my knowledge with you about skin anatomy , beauty products, beauty techniques and vary approach to treat the skin .
I truly believe that knowing the factors that are effecting your skin health( after all our skin is our larger organ )

✔️ethnic group
✔️ genetic
✔️ environmental factor
✔️ UV rays
✔️ pollution

will allow you to be more conscious with the decision with product application and skin routine !

Within the book you will be able to find simple example of foods group also for different ethnicity with their health benefits for skin health and other factors that are effecting your skin in your day to day life .

I hope that with this e book you will be able to have a closer look at the products you are applying to your skin and all the habits that are contributing to your skin 's health and to be inspired to take action .

Let me be your beauty guide and I promise you that your skin and overall health will tank you !

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